By your side at every step of your journey through motherhood

Pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful chapters of your life. From finding the first signs of life inside you to bringing your own little one into this world, it can be exciting yet stressful at the same time. We, at Giggles Hospital, are here to help you through every ups and downs in your journey of pregnancy and beyond. Our gynecologists and other medical experts with vast experience in managing mothers-to-be ensure your well being as well as that of your child for a safe and secure pregnancy.

Getting Pregnant

Conception is not easy, especially when dealing with underlying medical conditions. At Giggles Hospital, you can get complete screening of your health as well as treatment for infertility related problems to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy, especially for women above the age of 35. We perform regular checkups, vaccinations and other necessary routine procedures so that you can have a proper conception. 

Pregnancy Symptoms

Early signs of pregnancy can be difficult to manage, especially for new mothers. We are here to help you and guide you through your pregnancy Trimesters so that you can be as stress free as possible.

Through the Trimesters

Ensuring proper care and provision of the essential vitamins and other nutrients is imperative for healthy growth of your baby. We, at Giggles Hospital, take care of your vital needs including all medical and dietary requirements. Our well experienced gynaecologists and support staff ensure safety and privacy so that you are comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Why choose Giggles Hospitals?

Giggles Hospital is a renowned Women and Child Healthcare facility offering specialised treatment and exceptional patient care with confidentiality and utmost care. Our gynaecologists and other medical experts offer all-round consultation services and a wide range of medical treatments to help you prepare yourself and your baby through your journey of motherhood.

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Our Doctors

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Dr. Radhika Jupally

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Dr. Padmaja S

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Other Specialities


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have missed a period, you can take a pregnancy test at home. Alternatively, you can contact us to perform a reliable pregnancy test.

You should not smoke, drink alcohol or a lot of caffeine, eat raw meat or seafood. You may be restricted to do other things if your gynaecologist does not deem fit for you.

You may need a change in diet during pregnancy. However, all your dietary needs will be well taken care of by the consulting gynaecologist.

To ensure getting ample rest, you should try sleeping for 7-9 hours when you’re pregnant.

While it is not advisable to perform heavy workouts while pregnant, light exercises and yoga as recommended by the treating gynaecologist may be performed to ensure healthy development of the baby and the mother.