Cesarean Delivery – C Section

“When Nature Needs a Helping Hand: C Section Delivery”

Childbirth is fascinating, and somewhere we are all stuck with the idea of perfect delivery. We get this idea from the media of how labour can quickly progress, and you need to PUSH, and voila, you have the baby out in no time. But as the saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction, and real-life childbirth may not be that straightforward.

Our bodies are complicated, and no two bodies are the same. At times, life can take unexpected turns and throw us off course from our intended path. There can be some complications with the pregnancy, or a vaginal delivery can actually pose a risk to the mother or the child. In such cases, nature itself needs a helping hand. C-section deliveries have saved the lives of millions of mothers and babies across the globe who otherwise may not have survived a vaginal delivery. 

As we say at Giggles, a Cesarean delivery is not something to be scared or embarrassed about. It is about you as a mother choosing safety for you and your baby.

Cesarean Section Delivery

A Cesarean section or a C-section refers to delivering a baby surgically through an incision made in the abdomen and uterus of the mother rather than vaginally. The incision can be horizontal or vertical and usually depends on the health of the mother and the fetus.

C Section can be performed in an emergency or maybe planned based on the pregnancy and medical condition of the mother and the baby. In any case, C section is performed when vaginal delivery is not considered safe by doctors.

We understand the importance of ensuring a safe delivery for both the mother and the baby. That’s why our team of expert doctors will utilize the latest technology and techniques to carefully monitor your pregnancy and make informed decisions regarding the need for a C-section. In case of an emergency, rest assured that we are fully equipped to perform the necessary surgery.  

Planning for a C-section Delivery at Giggles Hospital, best Children Hospital in Kukatpally

If you have been informed by our doctors that you may be required to go through a C Section, do not stress out. Instead, focus on planning for it for a smooth delivery.

  1. Talk to the doctor at Women And Children hospital in kukatpally and learn about why a C-section is a safer choice for you. Do not hesitate to discuss your concerns. Doctors are there to guide you and make you comfortable.
  2. Schedule an appropriate date for the surgery by discussing it with your doctor.
  3. Inform your family members about your situation. Distribute the roles for everyone, like who would be helping with the baby, who would be staying with you after the surgery, who would need to take care of the house, etc.
  4. Pack your hospital bag as you would do for a vaginal birth.
  5. Most importantly, do not stress out. Focus on the life that you would be birthing. It does not matter if it is done vaginally or surgically.

Even if you may need to go for an emergency C-section, do not panic. Know that our qualified and compassionate doctors will do everything possible to make sure that both the mother and the baby are safe.

Recovery after C section

Recovery may be more complicated after a C-section than it is after a vaginal delivery. Here are a few important things to help you recover sooner:

  1. Take it easy. You do not need to be back to your old self soon after delivery. Your body has gone through a lot and needs as much rest as you can.
  2. Have someone help with the baby. There is no glory in doing it all alone. Rest and healing are more important.
  3. Eat well.
  4. Stay hydrated.
  5. Do not lift heavy objects.
  6. Talk to your doctor about how to steadily get active.
  7. Avoid sexual intercourse for at least six weeks. Also, discuss contraceptive options with your doctor.

If you are looking for, Children’s doctor near me, feel free to talk to our doctors about things to avoid during recovery and how to best spend time during recovery for optimal healing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A C-section may be crucial if there are complications during labour, such as fetal distress, breech position, placenta previa, preeclampsia, or if a vaginal birth could pose a risk to the mother or baby.

This depends on the health of the mother and the baby. In most cases, if the mother and the baby are stable, hospitals allow the mother to hold the baby and allow the baby and mother to have skin-to-skin contact right after the c-section, or soon after in the recovery room.

You can start bonding with your baby as soon as you are physically able, which may be immediately after the procedure or once you have recovered from the anaesthesia.

Yes, you will be able to breastfeed after a c-section, just like after a vaginal delivery. If both you and the baby are stable, you can try to latch the baby. 

Recovery may look different for every woman. Recovering from a C-section typically takes several weeks. Take things easy, eat, and rest well for a quicker recovery. 

The experienced team at Giggle Hospital is committed to ensuring a safe and positive birth experience for you and your baby, whether through vaginal or cesarean delivery. Call us now to book a consultation and learn more about our C-section delivery options.