Blood Tests

“Stay informed and proactive – Learn about blood tests and why they may be necessary”

Pregnancy is a journey like no other. It is the phase where women get to understand what their bodies are capable of doing. While your heart remains full during this phase, your body goes through a lot. From uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms to several trips to the hospital, no one can say pregnancy is easy. 

However, these are all essential steps you go through to meet the love of your life, your baby. Many women dread the several blood tests that they may have to go through during this period. Blood tests begin from the day you find out you are pregnant and are often repeated throughout your pregnancy for various reasons. While they may be painful, they are essential to evaluate the health of your pregnancy.

Even if you are not pregnant and are planning for a child or if you just had a child, both you and your child may need to have blood tests done to analyse your health.

Here is everything to know about blood tests done at Giggles Hospital for Best Women And Children Hospital in Vizag

Blood Tests 

Blood tests are routinely done at our Gynecologist hospital to look for hormone levels, blood health, signs of possible infections, etc. Blood is a critical marker of your health. There are different types of blood tests that may be performed based on your symptoms and current health conditions. If you have been prescribed blood tests at Giggles Hospital, our doctors will explain to you why the test was ordered and will also happily answer all your queries. 

Types of Blood tests done at Giggles Hospitals 

You can get all types of blood tests done at Giggles Hospitals for Best women’s hospital near me. We ensure that your tests are done using the latest technology and quality lab equipment. 

Common blood tests done at Giggles Hospitals include:

  1. Complete Blood Count (CBC))
  2. Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)
  3. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  4. Lipid Panel
  5. Blood Glucose Test
  6. Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test
  7. Iron Panel
  8. Coagulation Tests
  9. Hepatitis Panel
  10. Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Tests

How is a Blood Test Procedure Performed

Blood tests are simple procedures that are routinely done to look for diseases or as part of routine checkups. For the test, your blood sample is collected. This can be done at the hospital or at your home under the supervision of a medical professional. 

The blood is usually drawn from the inner elbow or the back of the hand. The doctor will first clean the area using an antiseptic. Following that, a sterile needle will be inserted into your vein, and a small amount of blood will be collected into a tube or a vial.

How to Prepare for a Blood Test at Giggles Hospital

Blood tests are not complicated and nothing to be scared of. If you have been prescribed a blood test, here is how you can get yourself prepared.

  1. Our doctors will provide specific instructions or recommendations on how to prepare for your particular blood test. Follow all the instructions regarding fasting or diet restrictions. 
  2. Drink plenty of water before the blood test to stay hydrated, unless you have been advised otherwise by the doctor.
  3. Wear accessible clothing for blood draw.
  4. Try to relax and stay calm during the blood test to reduce the risk of complications or discomfort.

Our doctors will make sure that you have all the information for your test and we will also ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blood tests are usually the first thing done when you get pregnant. Following that, they are repeated every trimester. However, every pregnancy is different and tests can be more or less in numbers depending on your medical history and health status.

Blood tests for newborns are usually performed by pricking the baby's heel and collecting a small sample of blood. The sample is then analysed to screen for various health conditions, including metabolic disorders and infections. The procedure usually takes less than one minute and is safe for babies.

Young children can be prepared by explaining to them how the procedure will be performed. Parents can be present with the child to help him calm down. Our doctors are experts in making the child feel comfortable during the test.

A set of blood tests is recommended for newborns in the first few days of life, including a newborn screening test that checks for various genetic, metabolic, and hormonal disorders. These tests can screen for conditions such as phenylketonuria (PKU), hypothyroidism, sickle cell disease, and cystic fibrosis. If doctors suspect any issues, they may order further screenings.

While blood tests for newborns are generally safe, there are some minor risks associated with the procedure, such as bruising, bleeding, and infection. However, these risks are very rare and can be minimised by following proper sterile procedures and using experienced medical professionals.

Giggles Hospital offers a comprehensive range of blood tests for both expectant mothers and newborns. Our team of experienced medical professionals uses advanced equipment and techniques to ensure accurate and timely results. Contact us today to schedule your blood testing appointment.