Preconception Checkup

Preparing you for the most beautiful chapter of your life

We at Giggles Hospitals understand the significance of pregnancy and offer preconception check ups to ensure that both mother and baby are healthy throughout the journey. Our preconception examinations involve a thorough analysis of medical history, lifestyle, habits, and health problems that may affect fertility and pregnancy. Our experienced doctors will guide mothers-to-be in managing medical issues and making lifestyle adjustments to ensure the health of their unborn child.

How can you get ready for your Preconception Exam?

Let us help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy journey.

At Giggles Hospitals, we strive to make preconception check ups a stress-free experience for our patients. We recommend compiling a list of the necessary information, such as:

  • Type of birth control you’re using
  • your monthly periods.
  • Your diet and lifestyle habits.
  • A list of the drugs you are taking at the moment
  • Any ongoing medical issues you may have
  • Your family history

Test and Screenings done at Giggles Hospitals for Preconception Checkup

Trust us to provide the best care for you and your baby.

At Giggles Hospitals, our preconception exams go beyond routine screenings to include tests and screenings specifically tailored for pregnancies. Our experienced doctors will ensure that you receive comprehensive care to prepare you for a healthy pregnancy journey.

To check for any Gynecological problems – Screening for any gynaecological problems, such as irregular menstrual cycles, uterine fibroids,  endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), benign tumours, or pelvic inflammatory disease, that may affect fertility or pregnancy.

  • Urine Test – To check for kidney disease and urinary tract infections.
  • Blood Test – To check haemoglobin count, vitamin D levels, Rh factor, immunity to chicken pox, tuberculosis, hepatitis B titers, thyroid function and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Mental health screening – Checking for eating disorders, anxiety disorders, or any other mental health conditions might affect conceiving and raise your chance of developing mood problems throughout pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Genetic disorder screening – An evaluation for a genetic condition may be advised based on your or your partner’s medical history. This can assist in identifying whether you run the danger of passing on a genetic condition like Fragile X syndrome, cystic fibrosis, or sickle cell disease to your offspring.

Apart from routine screenings, there are additional tests that our experienced doctors may recommend during preconception exams at Giggles Hospitals:

  • A Pap test
  • A weight check
  • A pelvic, breast and abdominal exam
  • Blood pressure

What Vaccinations Do You Require Before Becoming Pregnant?

At Giggles Hospitals, we advise our patients that even if they received vaccinations during childhood, it is essential to ensure that their immunity is at its peak before planning a pregnancy. Some vaccinations require booster shots to maintain immunity, and our experienced doctors will recommend these based on your medical history. If your antibody levels are low or you have any vaccination gaps that need to be filled, now, before your TTC campaign starts, is the time to roll up your sleeves. Keep in mind that after you conceive, several vaccines will be off-limits. Before becoming pregnant, our experienced doctors at Giggles Hospitals may recommend the following vaccinations to ensure a healthy pregnancy journey:

  • Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) 
  • Covid 19
  • Chicken Pox
  • Hepatitis B.
  • HPV (human papillomavirus)

Which Prenatal Care Professionals can you consult for Pre-Pregnancy Checkups?

You can choose the same doctor or provider for preconception care who you later intend to entrust with your prenatal care when selecting a pre-pregnancy care provider. By doing this, the same team of medical professionals will be able to take care of you before becoming pregnant, during your pregnancy, and after giving birth. To get pre-pregnancy checkups, you must see the following medical professionals:

  • Family Physician
  • Obstetrician
  • Maternal-foetal Medicine Specialist
  • Women’s health nurse practitioner

When should you plan the Checkups?

At Giggles Hospital, best Women And Children Hospital in Kukatpally, we recommend scheduling a preconception checkup even up to a year before planning to conceive. However, it is crucial to schedule the appointment a few months before trying to conceive, as certain health issues may take longer to resolve. We advise our patients to make an appointment with the healthcare professionals who will be taking care of them during their pregnancy. We encourage our patients to note down any questions or concerns they may have to ensure a comprehensive and productive consultation with our experienced doctors.

Why Choose Giggles?

If you are looking for Pediatric hospital near me, Giggles Hospitals are renowned for providing exceptional medical care that caters to the unique healthcare needs of mothers and infants. Our skilled and knowledgeable gynaecologists offer personalized preconception consultations to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy journey, including thorough diagnoses and medication and immunization recommendations. At this best Women Hospital in Vizag, We prioritize patient confidentiality, and our experienced doctors ensure that you have a seamless and comfortable preconception consultation. Trust us to provide the best care for you and your baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a preconception checkup before becoming pregnant is one of the best ways to be sure there are no current health conditions that might endanger the unborn child. Preconception check ups often involve a complete analysis of your medical background, including vaccines and medical history.

Consultations for preconception counselling and prenatal exams can be obtained by going to a gynaecologist, infertility specialist, or obstetrician. Before a couple may start trying to conceive, Giggles Hospitals offer some of the top doctors who provide counselling and preconception advice.

Yes, men may also get a preconception health checkup to determine their fertility and find out if they have any potential health problems that might interfere with getting pregnant.