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We at Giggles understand how important it is to treat infertility issues so that you can start your family. IVF treatment is a specialised form of fertility service with a high rate of success. Blastocyst culture is a part of IVF treatment which allows for artificial culture and selection of the healthiest ovum for transfer. Our IVF specialists are highly trained, holding years of experience in making the dreams come true of hopeless couples.

What is Blastocyst Culture?

A blastocyst is a fertilised embryo which has developed for 5 to 7 days. This naturally occurring process can be imitated in the lab using In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). In this process, after a thorough evaluation of the health of the parents, the eggs and sperms are retrieved for blastocyst formation. The embryos are grown carefully in highly controlled conditions for about two or three days. They are then transferred to the uterus on day 3 or day 5. 

Before the transfer, the embryos are graded by the IVF doctor to choose the most suitable and healthy one. The following three factors are taken into consideration for performing this assessment.

  • Inner cell mass
  • The degree of expansion
  • Size of the embryo
  • Trophectoderm

Why choose Giggles Hospitals?

At Giggles, we take patient treatment and confidentiality very seriously. Our team of expert gynaecologists with vast experience in treating patients having a wide range of fertility problems, especially for IVF treatment involving blastocyst culture. We offer comprehensive diagnostic and consultation services along with gestational and postnatal care. 

We offer comprehensive family planning services, including infertility treatments with the required expertise & compassion so that you can grow your family and enjoy the gift of parenting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In many studies based on IVF, it has been seen that blastocyst culture increases the chances of conception via IVF.

The success of blastocyst culture is higher in younger patients than in patients closer to or over the age of 40.

Blastocyst culture cannot cure chromosomal abnormalities, but the selection of the healthiest produced ovum can be possible.

Blastocyst culture may fail if no embryos progress to the stage of development.