Busting Myths About IVF

January 12th, 2023 | 11:26 am

While many people who want to become parents are interested in trying IVF treatment, the process can be confusing. Added to that is the monumental amount of information on the internet regarding IVF. And not to forget, people’s opinions on the subject can add to the confusion.

If you have been prescribed IVF by your doctor or are thinking of trying it, know that IVF has helped millions of people realise their dream of parenthood. That is why it is important that you can distinguish facts from fiction when it comes to IVF.

So, here we are busting 10 myths about IVF to help you be clear on the subject.

Myth 1: In vitro fertilization is only for couples facing infertility issues

FACT: While IVF is a ray of hope for couples who have been facing fertility issues or have been through multiple pregnancy losses, it is not just limited to helping them. Recently there has been an increase in single parents or those who do not have a partner but want to be a parent going for IVF. Many single parents go for IVF with donor gametes and conceive successfully. This can be done for both male and female parents. The same is true for same-sex couples who aim to become parents by IVF using donor gametes.

Myth 2: IVF always leads to multiple births

FACT: This could be true a few years ago as the doctor transferred multiple embryos to increase the chances of implantation. However, with recent advancements in technology, doctors use screened, top-quality embryos for implantation. Especially with techniques like Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Embryo Selection, it has become easier for embryologists to choose the best possible embryo and increase the chances of implantation. This prevents multiple births. However, if you want multiple pregnancies, you can have multiple embryos implanted.

Myth 3: In vitro fertilization is Unnatural

FACT: IVF is not an unnatural process. Rather it helps the process of natural fertilisation through technical means. This is a boon for those who cannot conceive on their own and need this kind of help. While fertilisation takes place in a laboratory, there is nothing artificial about the process. Once the embryos are implanted, the whole 9-month term is like any other natural pregnancy.

Myth 4: Chances of IVF success are minimal

FACT: While IVF does not guarantee a successful result for everyone, advancements in technology have greatly increased IVF success rates. IVF success rates are surging with each passing day. Experts predict that as technology and research around IVF and related issues advance, IVF will be even more successful in the future.

Myth 5: IVF can be done at any age

FACT: IVF does help people conceive at the age of 35-40 when the success of natural pregnancy sharply declines. However, the best chance to get pregnant with IVF is when the women are below 35 years of age. A woman’s age plays an important role in IVF success. This is because the quality of eggs, as well as the health of the uterus, declines with older age.

Myth 6: IVF cause birth deformities and produces unhealthy children

FACT: No correlation has been found between children born with birth defects or congenital disorders and the process of IVF. Pregnancy in both natural conception and IVF are pretty much the same. If not anything, babies born via IVF have to get preimplantation genetic testing of the embryo to rule out the chances of the child getting congenital anomalies or chromosomal defects in high-risk cases. It is, therefore, easier to rule out such risks at an earlier stage with IVF, which may not be the case with normal pregnancy.

Myth 7: IVF is extremely painful

FACT: IVF is a long procedure. And women may need to get injections and go through processes like egg retrieval that many may consider painful. But most painful procedures (if any) are done with sedatives or anaesthesia that allows for a smooth and painless process. Yes, women do go through some physical and emotional discomfort with IVF, but with medical progress and the support of specialists, IVF has become a lot easier.

Myth 8: In vitro fertilization causes cancer

FACT: There is a prevalent myth that IVF medications can cause cancer. Yes, there are a lot of medications that women need to take during the IVF process, but no studies show that they increase the risk of any type of cancer. Neither the mother nor the baby has any risk of contracting cancer due to IVF medications.

Myth 9: IVF is only for the elite

FACT: Couples who may not be very financially well-off are often scared to try IVF due to financial concerns. There is a prevalent myth that IVF is extremely expensive, and middle-class or lower-middle-class groups cannot go for it. With an increased demand for IVF, many hospitals offer affordable packages for people going for IVF. Also, a few insurance companies have also started to insure some IVF procedures.

Myth 10: IVF is the last hope for infertile couples

FACT: IVF definitely offers a glimpse of hope for couples struggling with infertility. However, it is not the only solution. Procedures like Ovulation Induction (OI) with medications, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and other Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures can also help them conceive. Also, couples who wish to conceive should talk about Plan B with their doctors, as IVF will not always be successful for everyone. Surrogacy and adoption can also be noble ways of becoming a parent.

These are just a few myths that are rampant among people concerning IVF. There can be a lot more out there. And if you still have some queries on the topic, feel free to consult with the top IVF specialists at Omni Hospital.

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