10 Benefits of Birth Control Beyond Preventing Pregnancy

September 30, 2023

Hormonal birth control in the form of pills is available to help females avoid unwanted pregnancy. Non-hormonal pills in other forms, such as barriers, can also be effective. However, birth control pills offer many additional benefits that other birth control methods do not. Additionally, other methods like IUDs and implants also offer benefits beyond preventing pregnancy. Let’s explore 10 benefits of birth control beyond pregnancy prevention. 1. Regularity in the menstrual cycle Hormonal birth control

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You & Your Baby: Month-by-Month

September 23, 2023

In just nine months, a baby goes through an astonishing amount of growth and development. Here is a brief overview of how a baby develops over the course of pregnancy and how the body of the mother reacts to this delicate phase. 1st Month (Week 1 – 4) What happens to the baby? A sac forms around an egg once it has been fertilised and implanted into the uterine lining. The amniotic fluid will be

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Your Infant is Teething: Know the Signs and Symptoms

September 20, 2023

What is Teething? The process of teeth emerging from the gums is known as teething. The medical word for teething is Odontiasis, and another name for it is “cutting” of the teeth. It is a normal and important phase of a baby’s development. When does teething begin in infants? Though the average age range for the emergence of the first tooth is 3 to 14 months, the first tooth often erupts around the age of

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Most Important Foods to Avoid When Trying to Get Pregnant

August 28, 2023

One of the most significant periods in a woman’s life is during her pregnancy. While it provides the couple with much excitement and happiness, it also gives the parents an entirely new perspective on life. A healthy pregnancy depends on a number of elements, including exercise, hygiene practices, maternity clothing, regular medical appointments, and doctor consultations.  The diet is one of the most important factors to consider. The body constantly benefits from a healthy and

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PCOD and PCOS: Causes, Symptoms, Differences and Treatment

August 21, 2023

PCOD or PCOS is a common medical condition that affects the reproductive organs in females, particularly the ovaries. The ovaries are responsible for producing hormones (oestrogen, progesterone, and even androgens), eggs (female gametes), and indirectly controlling the menstrual cycle. This condition may cause symptoms such as irregular periods, excessive acne and hair growth, and infertility issues, among other problems.  Individuals with PCOD/PCOS are at a higher risk of certain health conditions such as diabetes and

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Monsoon Health Tips for Your Baby: Keeping Them Safe and Sound

August 15, 2023

Introduction The arrival of the monsoon season gives relief from the scorching temperatures of summer. However, the rainy season may also bring with it major health problems, as infections, allergies, and other diseases are at their worst during this time of year. Babies who are sensitive to even the slightest variations in the weather may find it extremely uncomfortable. First-time parents must exercise extreme caution at this time, as their child may be at risk

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Eating for Two: Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy for a Healthy Baby

August 14, 2023

Introduction A woman’s body goes through several hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy. To stay healthy and strong during pregnancy, you must consume enough pregnancy nutrition that can aid in the proper growth and development of the baby. This is because the food you eat is the main source of nutrition for your baby. Thus, it is essential to get all the necessary nutrients you need. Also, if the baby is malnourished due to a

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Gut Health for Babies: Essential Tips for a Happy Tummy

August 8, 2023

Introduction Within the first year of life, your baby’s stomach grows and changes often. In order to eliminate harmful bacteria, their digestive tract strives to maintain a balance of beneficial gut microbiota in the stomach. As parents, we play a critical role in our child’s gut health. We must provide children with healthy meals that benefit rather than harm our baby’s microbiota. We can put them on their way to excellent gut health by introducing

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Bacterial vs. Viral Infections: Understanding the Key Differences

July 31, 2023

Introduction Bacterial and viral infections are caused by microbes – bacteria and viruses, respectively, and may be spread by different ways and vectors. They can be contained, and the spread of bacterial and viral infections may be restricted by using appropriate medications (antibiotics for bacterial infections and antiviral medication for viral infections) along with following certain precautions. Symptoms of bacterial and viral infections can be mild, severe, or moderate and may have a short or

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Swollen Feet During Pregnancy: Causes, Prevention, and Relief

July 25, 2023

Introduction Pregnancy is a period of numerous changes. During pregnancy, many women experience swollen feet. Swollen ankles and foot swelling is one common alteration that many individuals encounter. In the later stages of pregnancy, when the uterus and fetus become heavier and exert more strain on the legs and feet, swelling in the feet becomes more common. In this article, we will explore the remedies that women can try at home to reduce swelling. We

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