It is okay if your Baby is Wide Awake at Night

May 18, 2018

Are you a working parent who has to juggle between office presentations in the morning and feeding your baby in the middle of the night? Your craving for a good night’s sleep is completely valid and we understand that. Unfortunately, your baby can’t comprehend that by being wide awake at night, he/she is keeping you from having a good rest. Let’s take a look at what affects their sleep pattern. Your baby is Changing Routine

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Why newborn babies cry through the night

September 20, 2019

Meeting your baby for the first time is magical, although it’s likely he or she will turn your life upside down for some time. Newborn babies are bound to be fussy due to a huge shift in their environment. Here is an excerpt from a video interview of Dr M.Chandra Sekhar, MD (Paediatrics), India’s Premier Institute AIIMS (New Delhi) on newborn babies, and methods to handle them with ease during the first 6 months of

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