Winter Care for Your Toddlers

January 17th, 2023 | 4:49 am

The winter months can be a lot of fun for our kids and provide them with the chance to play and have fun in the chilly climate. It is a time of festivals in India as well, with many chances to celebrate and enjoy our time. Being all the time in cold weather is not necessary, and parents should be aware that winters may also be particularly harsh for toddlers. So its important Winter Care for Your Toddlers.

Given that winter is nearing and that temperatures will fall significantly, we must take particular care to shield kids from the multiple risks of the winter season. We must take the same care to stay warm throughout the winter as we do in the summer to avoid getting sick.

In this blog, we’ll provide parents with some insightful advice on how to keep their kids safe, healthy, and warm during the winter.

Keep Warm

You would think this is basic advice, but maintaining warmth is crucial. It’s crucial to choose the appropriate clothing and accessories that will keep you and your kids warm while participating in fun activities. Depending on how cold it is outside, put your child in layers of clothing, such as a sweater, jacket, thick socks, and pants. Because of the air gaps in the various pieces of clothing, the layers will not only keep your child safe from chilly winds while they play outside but will also aid in retaining their body heat. Even more so than for an ordinary adult, it is advised to provide your toddler with an extra layer of clothing.

Remember! A heavy blanket shouldn’t be used when they are sleeping, especially if they are alone. It is unsafe for kids to use weighted blankets while they sleep.

Maintain Room Temperature

Infants and young children are unable to regulate their body temperature in cold temperatures, unlike adults. We generally spend more time inside during the winter than we do during the summer. The toddler should feel at ease with the room’s temperature. You can now regulate the temperature inside our houses to a significant extent because of the use of artificial heating technologies. If it’s really cold outside, you should close the windows and use a humidifier or a room heater to keep your kid warm and cosy. Using a warm water bottle and placing it by your toddler’s side as he/she sleeps will also help to keep the temperature of the mattress warm.

Focus on Hygiene

Winter is already approaching, which means it’s time for the common cold and flu season. During the winter, there is a higher risk of contracting an infection. Therefore, it becomes important to practise proper hygiene for your toddlers in order to keep them safe. If you want to stay safe, pay attention to hygiene and sanitation. You reduce the risk of eczema and asthma, be sure to wash your child’s clothes, particularly woollens, frequently. Make sure your child has had a flu vaccination as well. After playing outside, wash your child’s hands thoroughly before letting them inside. Keep your child away from anyone else in the home who has a cold or cough if they are already contagious since there is a greater risk of your child catching it due to their still-developing immune system.

Diet & Hydration

Although there aren’t any special dietary recommendations for the winter, you should only give your kids wholesome, home-cooked food. You may include foods that provide extra warmth, such as whole grains, rice, wheat, fruits, green leafy vegetables, and more. Encourage kids to hydrate themselves well before, during, and after playing. Children are more likely than adults to become dehydrated in cold weather. Give a youngster plenty of warm beverages to drink, such as warm water, warm turmeric, milk, and coffee, among others. You may keep a child hydrated by nursing or giving formula milk if they are under six months old. For older kids, you can increase their consumption of soups and other warm liquids.

Moisturizing & Oiling

You should ensure that your child is well moisturised because the winter season causes significant dryness. You should ask your dermatologist for advice if your child has sensitive skin. During the winter, you can use almond oil, olive oil, or mustard oil. Apply sunscreen to your face and lips, and cover them with a small amount of lip balm. You can apply milk cream or petroleum jelly to your child’s chapped lips. Keep in mind that children’s skin is very delicate, so don’t use too many cosmetics on them.

Encourage them to be Active.

Playing outside is a great way to get young children moving during the chilly months. Encourage them to go on bike rides and outdoor games with their friends. During leisure time, you may teach your child something new or play indoor activities with them. Regular exercise is one of the easy and effective strategies to boost a child’s immune system and guard them against colds and other infections. Ask them to practise any sports they enjoy, such as running, jogging, cycling, or jumping rope.

Maintain a Sleep Cycle

The immune system of your child might suffer greatly from sleep deprivation. Make sure the youngster is getting 8 hours each night of sleep during the winter. Additionally, establish a regular regimen for your child to follow, whether it be on school days or during holidays, and encourage him to do so. In the morning, wake them up and take them to the park so they may warm up or jog.


Help your child spend their time in a positive and constructive way during winter. Encourage the youngster by providing a range of enjoyable and secure indoor & outdoor activities. Moreover, be sure to adhere to all of the points enlisted above to promote your child’s general health and keep them active and energised during the winter.

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