Balancing your role as a new mom

August 6th, 2021 | 5:40 am

There’s no doubt that working mothers are the masters at multitasking. However, between changing diapers, scheduling playdates and arranging conference calls, today’s working women often find it difficult to achieve unrealistic work-life balance goals. They don’t just carpool, prepare supper and throw Pinterest-worthy birthday parties. They’re also putting in countless hours at the office, climbing the corporate ladder.

Balancing your role as a new mom may appear impossible to juggle the demands of work with the demands of an infant. These pointers will assist you in achieving that delicate — and crucial — balance.

For help with the competing demands of work and home, most working parents turn to their networks of mentors, coworkers and professional contacts. However, even if it is genuine and well- intentioned, the off-the-cuff advice that most new working parents receive isn’t necessarily useful. It’s frequently conflicting, ambiguous, out-of-date, unusable and even depressing. With so many professional fathers and mothers relying on this conventional thinking, it’s no surprise that the workforce opt-out percentage hasn’t budged and that so many working parents are weary and overwhelmed. Although it is a valuable resource, the working-parent grapevine may not always provide the most helpful or doable help.

While you may be eager to return to work (either in person or remotely, since many working parents have yet to return during the COVID-19 pandemic), you may also be unhappy and guilty about leaving your beautiful new baby in the care of others and stressed about being needed at work and at home. After all, combining the demands of work and family is tough. But the good news is many working moms have gone before you and not only shared your anxieties and frustrations but also learned how to manage the challenging post-baby return to work. It’s difficult, to be sure, but that’s where a little (or a lot!) of planning and perseverance may assist.

Setting up a Family Calendar

It’s critical to keep track of everyone’s work schedules, appointments, commitments and other comings and goings in one spot in order to manage the chaos of work and family life. You’ll know what you need to do that week at a glance and it’s a simple way to keep your caregiver informed about your baby’s & family’s routine.

The schedule should include any changes, as well as any doctor’s appointments, other commitments, day care closings, work obligations and other family activities.

Find a good caregiver

Whatever you choose, be sure you do your homework. Get referrals, examine day care centers or nannies, walk around the facility if possible, check references, inquire about immunisation records, drop by unannounced if possible, and have a backup sitter ready. It’s also crucial to speak with your nanny, babysitter and/or day care teachers and administrators regularly. This way, you’ll stay on top of your child’s safety and well-being while also being involved in his day-to-day activities, which may help you feel less bad about working.

If you plan to employ a caregiver (nanny or babysitter), ask her to keep a daily log of the baby’s schedules and development. You won’t miss anything this way! You won’t always be able to be “right there” for everything, even if you work from home.

Share Responsibilities

When you have a partner, sharing responsibilities can make all the difference. Before your first day back at work, make sure you and your coworker agree. Schedules and child care arrangements should be coordinated and domestic responsibilities should be divided.

Don’t forget to plan for a sick day as well. Figure out who will take care of your infant if he or she gets sick and/or needs to go to the doctor.

Plan your days

Packing lunches and snacks, preparing bottles, laying out everyone’s clothes, having your baby’s diaper bag ready, showering and other tasks should all be done the night before. The more you practice and get as much done ahead of time as possible, the more easily your mornings will operate.

Other than these, asking for support at home and work, trying to have flexible work schedules, preparing for breastfeeding and bedtime, setting manageable expectations and taking time for yourself can be very helpful in balancing your work-new mom’s life in a better manner. Balancing your role as a new mom.

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