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Undesirable testicles

During fetal development, the testicles initially develop in the abdomen. These testicles then descend into a skin sac called the scrotum. In 1 to 2 percent of male fetuses, the testes fail to reach the testicles, a condition known as undesirable testes or cryptorchidism.

Involuntary testicles are more common in premature babies. In most cases, the condition corrects within a few months of birth. However, if the condition persists, surgery may be needed to correct it.

The causes of unwanted testicles are not completely clear to medical science. However, factors such as genetics, maternal health and environmental factors can interfere with hormones and the neural activity that leads to testicular development.

Symptoms of unwanted testicles

Undesirable testicles can be detected by a complete genital examination. Observed physical changes:

  • Visibility of testicle
  • Abnormally small or flat scrotum
  • Lapside scrotum

In this condition, one or two testicles in the testicle cannot be observed. In the case of an unwanted testicle, the scrotum does not appear alone. In some cases, the testicles descend into the testicles themselves, however, if they do not descend within 4 months of birth, then doctor intervention is required.

In some boys the testicles may be constricted, with the testicles moving back and forth between the testicles and the groin. It is a common condition and does not require treatment.

Diagnosis of unwanted testicles

This condition can be detected by physical examination. Other tests to be performed for diagnosis and potential treatments:

Laparoscopy: A small tube is inserted through a small incision in the abdomen to identify an intra-abdominal testicle. The same procedure can correct the condition or in some cases require additional surgery. Laparoscopy reveals useless testicular remnants that are absent or that have not been removed.

Open surgery: In some cases a thorough examination of the groin and abdomen is required.

Treatment of unwanted testicles

Treatment of unwanted testicles is important to prevent problems such as infertility in the future. Therapies used:

Surgery: Surgery is usually required to correct the condition. The surgeon carefully moves the testicle into the testicle and stitches it. If an inguinal hernia is associated with an involuntary testicle, the hernia can be removed with the same surgery. Surgery is done depending on the health condition of the baby. Surgery is suggested to take place between 6 months and 12 months. Complications can be prevented by early surgery.

Hormone therapy: This treatment involves injecting hormones that allow the testicles to move to the testicles. However, this treatment is not preferred by health care providers.

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