An Egg Donor is a woman who can donate eggs after being screened and undergoing various tests. Egg donation is the supportive method wherein there is a donation of eggs by a woman to serve the purpose of enabling another woman to conceive. This method is considered part of Assisted Reproductive Technology. 

What is the age at which a woman can donate eggs?

To enhance the conceiving chance and also the associated parameters of the donated egg’s health, the egg donors should preferably be between 21-30 years of age. It is done so that the quality of the donated eggs is optimum. This ensures that the parents who intend to use these eggs have higher chances of conception.

How many times can one donate eggs? 

As per the limitations set by the industry, the donor is allowed only six times or cycles to donate the eggs in the entire lifetime. This limitation is for the entire lifetime and not a limit per clinic. The major reasons underlying this limitation are:

  • The risk to the health of the egg donor.
  • Inadvertent consanguinity
  • There may be risks of infection
  • The risk may also be associated with anaesthesia.
Does the donation of eggs affect the fertility of a donor?
Being an egg donor can definitely affect the fertility of a woman. This is due to the overstimulation of the ovaries, which is referred to as Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.
How does the egg donation process work?
It involves a series of steps:
  • Egg donor application, as well as screening, is done.
  • Next is the matching of the egg donor to the recipient.
  • Suppression and stimulation of the ovarian phase for the donor.
  • Development of the endometrial lining for the recipient.
  • Ovulation is triggered, and retrieval of the egg for the donor.
  • Fertilisation is done, and the transfer of the embryo into the recipient.
  • A checkup is done post-retrieval for the donor and tests for pregnancy for the recipient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The egg donation procedure takes 3-5 weeks of calendar time to complete in total.

Yes. A maximum of six rounds of ovulation induction are permitted, with a gap of at least three months between each cycle.